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Glucosamine from PEAK PET

We have "the world's best Glucosamine" - so our customers say. It simply works incredibly well.

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Our natural range of products are used by pet owners all over the world. The fact that they continue  to order from us year after year proves that our formulations work. Our products are based on "Proven Pet Nutrition", meaning we only use ingredients that have been proven to work. What makes our products even better is that we use the best raw materials that can be found, and that is what helps your pet when using the PEAK PET.COM products. We know our customers and their pets, and more importantly their pets' nutritional needs. We are proud to be able to offer products that help them stay healthy, full of vitality and physically in top form. Whether it's for a companion pet, family pet, sports dog, show pet, for big or small, young or old - PEAK PET.COM offers nutritional supplements that suit each of these pets specifically and that can help them reach their PEAK health. Please read what our customers say about our products below. We will be happy to hear from you and to also help you look after your pet in the best possible way!

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Here is what our customers think of our products and our services:

She behaved so well during the fireworks that we could relax and have a great time

We discovered our dog's intense dislike for fireworks at an early age and like many dogs she became very scared and nervous. We came across your product PEAK CALM by accident at our Pet Shop and are delighted we will soon be able to buy it online through your new website. We first tried her on PEAK CALM at home when we were having friends over for bbq’s. She was so calm and well behaved that we then used it when going on New Year's holidays too. She behaved well throughout the entire journey without becoming dopey or sick and then handled the fireworks like an experienced pro. It’s great for all the family that we can now bring her with us everywhere.

Lena Hermann, Munich, Germany

Leg muscle has improved enormously after the accident. PEAK CHAMP helped the muscles recover and build

When my lab broke her leg last year the resulting aftercare meant her muscles were weak and easily tired. My friend suggested PEAK CHAMP to put condition and muscle tone back on so I gave it a go. My lab’s leg muscle has improved enormously and the exercise she can now get means her overall condition has also improved. PEAK CHAMP helped the muscles recover and build. Many thanks for your help. Super product!

Stephen Norris - North Yorkshire, England

Usually he comes out of a show and is shattered for days, now it’s straight back to training for next time

I love showing my Dalmatian at dog shows, and although we can’t claim top prize at Crufts quite yet, Johnson, my dog enjoys the experience also. As many of the shows are on during the Summer months, I found previously that we would often have to give Johnson a break of a few days after a show to recover and so we usually missed the next weeks show, but thanks to a recommendation from a friend I tried PEAK BOOST and now hardly a day goes by that we can’t prepare and train, usually for longer periods than before also. He doesn’t lose condition or interest in what he is doing and in fact seems to get more out of each experience. Before we had to take a few days off, now he is straight back to training and enjoying it. We have actually won some competitions recently also so good news all around.

Jonathan Freeman, London, UK

PEAK JOINTS - Super Glucosamine, it gave our dog a new lease of life

My Mother's dog suffered severe joint ache and pain, mainly due to wear and tear as she got older. Unfortunately this proved very stressful for both my Mother and her dog, Bonnie. We tried many different products before we tried PEAK JOINTS, but none had the same effect as your product. After a short while using PEAK JOINTS she became more mobile, and moved as she used to and was able to go for further and further walks. She and my Mother now have a new lease of life and certainly PEAK JOINTS is responsible for this. We now have our younger dogs on PEAK JOINTS as any help we can give them now will stand to them in the future. Using Glucosamine is a great idea and we are spreading the good news about your product. THANK YOU!

Mary Pierce, Edinburgh, UK

Your multivitamin helped our dog to get back on her feet

Our dog, Poppy, has had 3 litters over the past few years, but the last litter left her feeling very low and lacking in energy. She did a great job with her pups but she became irritable and very tired. Our Vet suggested your vitamin product, PEAK VITAMINS, and she has perked up to great effect. Poppy is now back to her playful self and we believe your product worked a treat.

Isabella Johnson, Bath, UK

It’s a multipurpose bandage without putting on a plaster

Our very lively Golden Retriever, Hansi, has suffered many cuts and scrapes through the years and while we tried everything to protect and heal these cuts Hansi would tear everything off in seconds. We tried PEAK CREAM on his pads after a particularly nasty cut became infected and could not believe the results. Hansi had no problem leaving the cut alone and allowed us to apply the cream without any fuss. The effects were also great. The redness of the infection quickly calmed down and the cut was able to heal as Hansi was not attacking it at every chance. It’s like putting on a multipurpose bandage without putting on a plaster, a great product which we can use on his cuts and scrapes without him going mad.

Mattias Meyer, Hamburg, Germany